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Luggage handling in the hotel industry: Everything you need to know

Luggages service in a hotel

1. Luggage service

Luggage service is one of the most common features that hotels offer. Hotels may assign a staff member to help guests carry their luggage from their car to their room. This service is often offered as a complimentary service, but guests can leave tips based on their satisfaction.

Luggage service is essential to ensure that guests are satisfied upon arrival. Guests may feel stressed or tired after a long trip and not want to carry their luggage themselves. Having someone to help them can put them at ease and give them a good first impression of the hotel.

Hotels can offer luggage service to their guests in a variety of ways. Some hotels have a dedicated parking area where guests' cars can be parked, while others may offer valet parking. In any case, hotels must ensure that guests' luggage is transported safely and with care.

2. Luggage Storage

A baggage claim is a dedicated area where guests can drop off their luggage before check-in or after check-out. This allows guests to continue exploring the city without having to drag their luggage with them. Most hotels offer luggage storage for free or for a small fee.

Left luggage storage is especially useful for guests with late flights who don't want to carry their luggage around all day. Hotels may also offer luggage storage for guests who want to leave early in the morning and explore the city before they can access their room.

Hotels should ensure that the locker is secure and that guests' luggage is protected from theft or damage. Guests should also be informed of the locker policies and hours of operation.

3. Doorman Service

Doorman service is a more comprehensive service than baggage service. In addition to assisting guests with luggage, doormen can also help guests get to their rooms and provide information about local activities. Luxury hotels often offer doorman services.

Doorman service is ideal for guests who are looking for personalized service and special attention. Doormen can help guests feel comfortable upon arrival and provide useful information about the city or hotel. They can also help guests move heavy items into the room, such as sports equipment or music equipment.

4. Luggage delivery service

Baggage delivery service is a relatively new service in the hotel industry. Hotels can work with delivery partners to deliver guests' luggage directly to their room. Guests can send their luggage directly to the hotel prior to arrival or send it directly from the hotel to their next destination.

Luggage delivery service is ideal for guests who are traveling with large luggage or who have complex travel itineraries. Hotels can work with delivery partners to offer competitive rates and quick delivery times.

Hotels should ensure that delivery partners are reliable and that guests' luggage is transported safely. Guests should also be informed of delivery policies and the hours the front desk is open to receive their luggage.

5. Use of Technology

The use of technology can help hotels manage their guests' luggage more efficiently. Hotels can use baggage tracking systems to track the location of guests' luggage at any given time. Guests can also use mobile apps to send instructions or service requests to the hotel.

Hotels can also use delivery robots to deliver guests' luggage directly to their rooms. The delivery robots can navigate the hotel safely and deliver guests' luggage to their door. This technology provides a unique and memorable experience for hotel guests.

What if Deliverbag came to bring its expertise to hoteliers?

Bringing in Deliverbag, a company that specializes in luggage management, could be very beneficial for hotels looking to offer high-quality luggage services to their guests. By working with Deliverbag, hotels could offer an end-to-end solution for managing their guests' luggage.

Deliverbag could provide hotels with cutting-edge technology to track guests' luggage in real time, allowing guests to track their luggage at all times and hotels to ensure that luggage is safe. Guests could also benefit from a seamless luggage delivery service, allowing them to travel unencumbered by heavy or bulky luggage.

By working with Deliverbag, hotels could also offer their guests flexible luggage storage options, such as locker lockers, allowing guests to safely store their luggage while exploring the city or attending business meetings.

In addition to these practical benefits, hotels could benefit from an enhanced customer experience by offering high-quality luggage services. Guests would appreciate not having to worry about their luggage during their hotel stay, allowing them to relax and enjoy their trip to the fullest.

Ultimately, collaboration between hotels and Deliverbag could be a win-win opportunity for both parties. Hotels could offer high-quality luggage services to their guests, enhancing their overall hotel experience, while Deliverbag could expand its reach to a potential new market by working with the hotel industry.


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